英语There seems to be 和it seems to be的区别和用法

  • 英语There seems to be 和it seems to be的区别和用法
  • it seems to be 有针对性,不含糊,比如 it seems to be that kiwi is sweetThere seems to敞袱搬惶植耗邦同鲍括 be 是一个宏观的概念,表示好像发生了什么的意思

take to的用法

  • take to的用法
  • take to1.begin to apply ordevote oneself to 开始从事;养成(某种习惯)Itook to smoking ten years ago.我10年前开始抽烟。Some of the plants formerly producing machines have taken to making parts.有些工厂原来生产整部机器,现在开始生产零件。If a man once takes to gambling,its difficult for him to break the habit.一个人一旦染上赌博的习惯,是很难戒掉的。I have taken to playing golf at weekends.我养成了在周末打高尔夫球的习惯。 fond of喜欢He has really taken to that child.他确实喜欢那孩子。I took to stampcollecting last year.我是去年爱上集邮的。How has Billy taken to his new school?贝利是如何喜欢上他的新学校的?I tried to teach him to type, but he didnt seem to take to.我试图教他打字,但他似乎对此不感兴趣。护顶篙雇蕻概戈谁恭京I took to him immediately we met.我们一见面我就喜欢上他了。3.have recourse to(usn. for safety)求助于(常出于安全原因)When the ship was wrecked, the passengers on board took to the life boats.轮船失事时,船上的旅客们乘上了救生艇逃生。4.go to;betake oneself to去;往Thousands of people took to the streets to welcome the returningcombat heroes.成千上万的人涌上街头,欢迎归来的战斗英雄们。When he is in a bad mood, he usually takes to his room without saymg anything.他情绪不好时,通常去他自己的房间,什么话也不说。

as a result 与as a result of 用法.后接什么?意义

  • as a result 与as a result of 用法.后接什么?意义
  • as a result of 由于的意思He was late as a result o长定拜剐之溉瓣税抱粳f the snow.由于大雪他迟到了.as a result 作为一个最终结果的意思。he defeated all competitors and won the scholarship as a result.他击败了所有的竞争者,最终赢得了奖学金。As a result 是副词短语,单独使用,后+句子,表示“结果、因此”.例如:All singers kept together.As a result,theirperformancewassuccessful.所有的歌手协调一致,结果他们的演出非常成功.And as a result,the world sees them with suspicion rather than affection.结果就是,当世界看他们的时候,带着的是猜疑,而不是喜爱.as a result of +sth ,表示“因此,由于;作为…的结果”,例如:As a result of evolution,it seems to me that humans should have no more value than any other creature.由于进化的结果,在我看来,人类并不比其它动物拥有更多的价值.As a result of his historic flight he became an international hero and legend.由于他这次历史性的飞行,他成为了一个国际英雄和传奇.

倒装句分析?谢谢little seems to set hu chunhua apart from other chinese communist party officials.

  • 我的理解转换成正常句子是:to set hu chunhua apart from other chinese communist party officials seems little.让后翻译成“把胡春华和其他官员区分开来 看上去很小”。这样就不通顺了。那如果改成what sets hu chunhua apart from other ccp officials seems little.就说的通了。最终还是要向各位请教这个"TO"的用法?谢谢!
  • 要翻译成:尽管胡春华看上去与其他中国共产党员没有多少不同之处。to是和seems合用的短语。常见的是:It seems to …………

sb. master sth. to doing 的用法对吗?

  • "It seems that he has mastered the interdisciplinary approach to teaching" 这句话正确吗? 为什么master 后面跟的是to doing, 而不是to do?
  • object to sb(宾格)doing sth


  • 句:……,the very idea seems absurd. 请问这里的very是什么用法?
  • 这个比如 this very moment这个时刻是特别强调 这个xxx的


  • It seems that dogs love to chew up money.请问大家这里的seem是系动词吗?它后面的从句 “that dogs love to chew up money”是表语从句吗? 谢谢大家。
  • seem可用作连系动词或不及物动词。It seems that里面的seem不是系动词,它后面的从句“that dogs love to chew up money”不是表语从句,而是主语从句。其中it 是形式主语,that引导主语从句。请看第三点。seem的用法大全一、“主语+ seem +(to be )+表语”,表语多为名词或形容词,有时是其他的词或短语,以说明主语的特征或状态。例如:Tom seems (to be ) a very clever boy. 汤姆看上去是一个非常聪明的男孩。二、“主语+ seem + 不定式”,此句型中的seem与不定式一起构成复合谓语。例如:The children seemed to be eating something in the room. 孩子们好像正在房间里吃东西呢。三、“It seems + that从句”,其中it 是形式主语,that引导主语从句。例如:It seems that no one knows what has happened in the park. 似乎没有人知道在公园里发生了什么事。四、“There + seem to be +名词”,其中to be 可省略。seem 的单复数形式要根据后面作主语的名词的单复数形式而定。例如:There seems no need to wait longer. 看来没有再等的必要了。希望能帮到你,望采纳点赞一下


  • They have started using computers in the library.为什么using 这个要加ing?详细说明There is an old man wanting to see you. 同样wantng这个为什么要加ing?详细说明 这是什么语法
  • 在英语中,不作句子谓语,而具有除谓语外其他语法功能的动词,叫做非谓语动词。非谓语动词有动词不定式(the Infinitive);动名词(the Gerund);现在分词(the Present Participle);过去分词(the Past Participle)。 1.非谓语动词与谓语动词的相同点有: (1)如果是及物动词都可与宾语连用,例如: They built a garden. They suggested building a garden. (2)都可以被状语修饰: The suit fits him very well. The suit used to fit him very well. (3)都有主动与被动, “体”式(一般式;进行式;完成式)的变化。例如: He was punished by his parents.(谓语动词被动语态) He avoided being punished by his parents.(动名词的被动式) We have written the composition.(谓语动词的完成时) Having written the composition, we handed it in.(现在分词的完成式) (4)都可以有逻辑主语 They started the work at once.(谓语动词的逻辑主语) The boss ordered them to start the work.(动词不定式的逻辑主语) We are League members.(谓语动词的主语) We being League member, the work was well done.(现在分词的逻辑主语)2、非谓语动词与谓语动词的不同点有:(1)非谓语动词可以有名词作用(如动词不定式和动名词),在句中做主语、宾语、表语。(2)非谓语动词可以有形容词作用(如动词不定式和分词),在句中做定语、表语或宾语补足语。(3)非谓语动词可以有副词作用(如动词不定式和分词),在句中作状语。(二)非谓语动词的句法功能:二、非谓语动词用法:(一)动词不定式:(to)+do,具有名词、形容词、副词的特征。1.不定式的形式:(以动词write为例)否定式:not + (to) do(1)一般式:不定式的一般式所表示的动作与谓语动词动作同时发生或发生在谓语动词动作之后, 例如: Im glad to meet you. He seems to know a lot. We plan to pay a visit. He wants to be an artist. The patient asked to be operated on at once. The teacher ordered the work to be done. (2)进行式:不定式的进行式所表示的动作与谓语动词动作同时发生,例如: ……余下全文


  • Which statement is correct? A. John agreed washing the dog. B. Tom is glad seeing he is better than any boy in his class. C. Many of they become busier and busier now. D. We are grateful to our teacher for letting us play bridge.2. Parents should make their children__________ too much. A. no playing video games B. not to play video games C. not play video games D. don’t play video games3. Bob: Tina lives next door to me. She usually helps me with my homework. Mark: Really? _________ A. How kind she is! B. What a genius! C. I hate you. D. I don’t think so.4. 18.The price of a CD is $22.00, which includes 10% tax. What is the amount of tax included in this price? A. $2.00 B. $2.20 C. $19.80 D. $20.005. A: Why didn’t Amy ______ her brother go mountain climbing with them? B: He _______ tired before they left. A. want; felt B. has; get C. let; looked D. make; seem6. _________ Harry has always wanted to visit Africa, ______ he doesn’t have a chance. A. Though; X B. Though; but C. But; X D. But; though7. We _________about it now. A. had better thinking B. had better not to think C. had better not think D. don’t have better think
  • 1 D 2 C make sb (not )do sth3 A4 B5 C let sb do sth ,前后时态要一致(didnt ,looked6 A though ,but 不能同时连用‘ 虽然……,但是……7 c 固定用法 had better (not ) do sth *****************************************************************************祝天天开心,学习进步!本题不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!*****************************************************************************


  • 1. Mr Green is a reporter, and you can see his name in China Daily every day. He works for the____2. My cat sleeps during the____, but at____ it begins to catch miceA.night;day B.nights;days;night3. —Why do you open the door? —____ it’s cold outsideA.So B.For C.Because4. He passed the workers some____ to paint the wall (brush)5. It’s a____ job, but he seems to finish it without____. (difficult)6. She makes all her____ by herself. (dress)7. She works as a____ in a____ (library)8.Tom,a ____ student likes travelling very much.A. fourth greads B. fourth gread C. fourth-gread9.The Yellow Mountain is one of the top ten famous ____in China.A. tourist place B. tourist places C. tourists place10. —Is the big room____? —Yes, they share itA.Tom and Jim’s B.Tom and Jim C.Tom’s and Jim
  • 1 newspaper 格林先生是个记者,你能在每天的中国日报上见到他的名字,所以他为报社工作。 2. C 猫白天睡晚上抓老鼠 3. C -为毛关门 -因为外面冷 4.brushes 他递给工人们一些刷子刷墙。 工人们对应复数刷子 5. diffcultdiffculty 这是一项困难的工作,不过他似乎没遇到什么困难就完成了。 形容词形容工作名词 6.dresses 她的所有衣服(连衣裙)都是自己做的。 复数 7. librarylibrarian 她在图书馆做图书馆员。 图书馆图书馆员 8.B 四年级的学生汤姆很喜欢旅行。应该是grade 题目中拼写错误 9.B 黄山是中国十大最知名的旅游景点之一。 十大所以复数 10. A -大房间是Tom和Jim的吗? -是的,他们共用它 固定用法了




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